This Be Captain Jack Teague and I am pleased to welcome you to the Wonderful Voyage of the Podcast Pirates. Join us as we set sail on the high seas of the Information Super Highway. We shall tangle our microphone cords as we tangle with other pirates in the tangle of the world wide web. Unsheathe thy microphone and let us duel to the death or at least to the end of each of our swashbuckling webisodes of DOOM! Join us here at for laughs, fun, and exciting adventure.
Do not back down now weary traveler, for you have set sail with the greatest podcast ever conceived on the subject of pirates, made by pirates, for pirates and all to enjoy.
Do come back this way all the time for our new voyages. I must now take my leave for the sea beckons me. Please Enter the ship at your risk... for you may not wish to return from whence you came. Take care and Be well. See you soon.
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