So it seems I must tell you a little bit about myself and my crew. We are the most mischievous gang of pirates to ever hop on a mic and say Arrrrrghh! One can easily see that we have just about as much fun as anyone can have plundering and pillaging and podcasting and... something else that starts with a P. hmmmmm, gonna have to think about that one.  Our first Voyage was on Catalina  where we set sail for adventure and Mayhem. Arrrrghh... We have since been around the sea’s for almost 3 years now and we are loving every minute like it is our last. Check out the new myspace page and be our pirate friends, just click the link below! Also check out our New Pirate Shop! We do live and studio recorded Voyages to adventure! So give us a Download. We are here for you, Dear Pirates and Wenches. Listen and enjoy.. Join us but Humble Pirates and love us or walk the Plank!

Anchors Away!

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